Aliens From Sirius B - These short bird-like aliens visited the Dogon tribe of Africa generations ago. After returning, they granted the Dogon shaman, Nahmo, superhuman abilities and set about stealing the "ultimate source of power" from Earth's power plants - toxic waste. Max and crew attempted to stop them until Max learned what it was they were stealing. After that, he "negotiated" a peace treaty in which they leave us alone but take all of the toxic waste they want.

出場片段 "Sirius Trouble"
Anubis - While trying to stop Isis, Max and crew were briefly flung into the Egyptian underworld where they found themselves face to face with Anubis, the Egyptian God of the Dead. Declining the jackal-headed creature's "invitation" to be mummified, the trio of Max, Norman, and Virgil then found themselves fleeing several mummies as they attempted to return to the surface.

出場片段 "The Mommy's Hand"
BeetleBrow - This large robotic beetle was the guardian of an entire race of alien beetles which had crash-landed on our planet millions of years ago. Blending in among our own insects until a rescue craft could arrive, the beetles were later summoned by BeetleBrow and herded into the rescue ship. The robot was convinced to spare the earth and its "non-intelligent" lifeforms by Max and company.

出場片段 "Beetlemania"
Brainsuckers - These "brain-sucking" aliens were plotting to invade Earth and, well, suck out our brains. Since he didn't pay attention in computer class, Max needed the help of local "computer nerd" Ernie to put a stop to their plot. On a side note, these things have some of the coolest looking armor seen in the show.

出場片段 "The Brainsuckers Cometh!"
Carnival Freaks - These monsters and "freaks" were actually Russian children who had been transformed by Freako's funhouse mirrors. Freako apparently had some amount of control over them following their transformation and as a result they pursued Max and crew throughout Freako's carnival. Max was able to talk some sense into them, however, and they instead destroyed the carnival. Following the destruction of the funhouse by Max, all of the "freaks" were returned to human form.

出場片段 "A Clown Without Pity"
Countess Moska - The lovely and exotic Count Moska was, in fact, a vampire. Max and crew met Moska when investigating a series of vampire attacks in London. They then followed her to her mansion in Romania, where she continued to baffle Virgil by not being susceptible to the documented anti-vampire techniques - garlic, holy water, sunlight, etc. Instead, Moska revealed that vampires are associated with insects, not bats - and that she was the guardian over a whole new brood of larva.

出場片段 "Fly By Night"
Cult of Apophis - Max ran across this Egyptian cult after stumbling through a portal in the Museum of History and ending up in their temple. He took an ankh-shaped amulet from their altar, thinking it would make a swell gift for Jiffie - the girl he was mooning over at the time. Unfortunately, the cult members - large snakes wearing robes - came for their amulet and took both it and Jiffie back to their temple so that their leader, Venom, could replenish his immortality. Max to the rescue!

出場片段 "Snakes and Laddies"
Cyberskull - A programmer who merged with the virus he was creating found himself able to alter reality and become pure electricity. He immediately set out to destroy Mega Corp, the company founded by the man whom he believed had stolen his ideas. Max was able to stop Cyberskull's first attempt at domination by using his video game skills. Cyberskull returned later, however, and attempted to create a physical body for himself by mentally controlling several prominent figures, including the head of Mega Corp.

出場片段 "The Cyberskull Virus", "Cyberskull II: The Next Level"
Cyclops - This enormous four-tentacled eyeball was found lurking in a gigantic one-eyed skeleton deep below a Turkish prison. The creature was apparently fed and protected by Torak the Torturer, but seemingly met its end when it pursued Max and Norman during their escape from the prison. The creature fled back into its caverns after Max threw a flaming jar of oil at it, igniting the entire passageway as well as the creature.

出場片段 "Day of the Cyclops"
Doctor Arachnoid - Formerly known as Dr. Stephen Huxley, this scientist was researching the medical benefits of spider toxins when something went wrong. A co-worker was secretly modifying the formulas Huxley created in order to use them for biological warfare. When Huxley tried the serum on himself, it mutated him into a human-spider hybrid. Now sporting six eyes and arms, the slightly insane Huxley dubbed himself Arachnoid and tried to use giant mutant spiders to remake the world in his image.

出場片段 "Along Came Arachnoid"
Dogon Tribe - Generations ago, the Dogon tribe of Africa was visited by aliens from Sirius B. Afterwards, tribal legend held that the aliens would return and elevate the Dogons to a state of, well, elevation. Every fifty years, when Sirius was closest to Earth, the tribe would hold a ritual asking the aliens to return. Finally, after years of waiting, the aliens returned, granting the Dogon shaman, Nahmo, superhuman abilities. The Dogon tribesmen then became the alien's willing enforcers, putting them at odds with the Mighty One.

出場片段 "Sirius Trouble"
Dr. Zygote - The evolution-obsessed Zygote was encountered by Max and crew during his attempt to "reset time" by de-evolving everything back to primordial goo and starting over. During the encounter, Zygote turned Max's iguana into a dinosaur but ended up evolving himself into a large-brained floating creature. After his escape, Max again foiled his plans when the doctor attempted to process the DNA of a psychic teenager. The encounter left Zygote evolved even further into a floating ball of light, at which point he cared nothing for evolution - only for the beauty and music of the universe.

出場片段 "Zygote's Rhythm", "Zygote Music"
Dragon of Dragon Isle - This large red dragon puts the "Dragon" into "Dragon Isle". The first thing SkullMaster did after being freed from his underground prison was to assume control of Dragon Isle, several members of its native tribe, and, of course, its resident dragon. The dragon now serves SkullMaster as his mount and guardian. Also, the dragon can apparently move the island by climbing to its highest peak, digging in with those big claws, and flapping those rather large wings.

出場片段 "Blood of the Dragon"
The Dragon of Doom - An enormous dragon whose awakening was foretold would break the world in half. The cursed sorceror RavenDark was tricked by SkullMaster into awakening the dragon so that SkullMaster's subterranean prison would be torn open by the dragon's wrath. While Norman, who had fought the dragon before, distracted the great beast, Max convinced RavenDark to put the dragon back to sleep, a feat which cost the old sorceror his life.

出場片段 "Let Sleeping Dragons Lie!"
Freako the Clown - Born with the appearance of a clown, this russian man was quite insane by the time he reached adulthood. Calling himself "Freako the Clown", he began using special funhouse mirrors to warp the appearance of others, turning many children into carnival freaks and monsters. He tried the same with Max and crew but seemingly perished when his funhouse was brought down by Max.

出場片段 "A Clown Without Pity"
Ganesha - God of magic and wisdom in the Hindu religion, the four-armed, elephant-headed Ganesha found himself temporarily under Naja's control and fighting the Guardian. As Ganesha and Norman fought, Naja was successful in getting the last piece of Kali's statue from Max. The cobra-like demon was then able to control Kali just as he had Ganesha. It's presumed that, like Kali and Shiva, Ganesha returned to his eternal slumber when Naja was destroyed.

出場片段 "Good Golly Ms. Kali"
Giant Rat - While trying to stop Lao Chu, the Emperor of Rats, from taking over the world with his rat armies, Max and crew found themselves facing this giant rat in the inner chamber of Lao Chu's maze. The rat was sent by the Rat Emperor to protect the "Heart of Lao Chu" - a fist-sized chunk of red jade which was the focus of Lao Chu's power.

出場片段 "The Year of the Rat"
Giant Scorpions - While investigating strange radiation in the desert outside of Las Vegas, Max and crew found themselves up against these four giant scorpions. The four were affectionately named Lucy, Ricky, Fred, and Ethel by their master - Robert Scorpio - and acted as his mounts and enforcers.

出場片段 "Scorpio Rising"
Giant Spider - The largest of Arachnoid's mutant spiders, this behemoth was two stories of venom and webbing. The creature was the bane of Norman, whose duties as the Guardian found themselves in conflict with his intense fear of spiders. Willpower overcame, however, as Norman found himself vanquishing the beast in order to preserve the life of the Mighty One. However, the spider may have had the last laugh when it returned during the "Armageddon" of SkullMaster.

出場片段 "Along Came Arachnoid", "Armageddon Closer, Part 1"
Giant Squid - This giant squid brought attention to itself by sinking several oil tankers and other ships in a remote section of the ocean. It also menaced an underwater civilization of squid-like humanoids, but Max was able to convince the cowardly "squid-heads" to unite against the giant mollusk. With the reluctant help of oil tycoon "Ollie" Penderoil, the Mighty One was able to blow up the squid, ending its reign of terror.

出場片段 "Less Than 20,000 Squid Heads Under The Sea"
Gorilla General - When Max's mom stumbled onto an ancient civilization of talking gorillas, it was up to Max to rescue her. The main obstacle in his way, however, was the cruel general of the gorilla armies, who felt that Max was introducing dangerous ideas into his society. A true believer in "might makes right", the general and Max ending up in a ritual challenge with no rules. Max won by flinging his opponent into a portal. Our last glimpse of the general was in a barren desert, as he screamed in frustration at his defeat.

出場片段 "Rumble In The Jungle"
Ice Aliens - These shape-shifting aliens plotted to move the Earth's orbit, bringing on a new Ice Age so that they could move in. They started by taking over an artic research station and assuming the places of the original occupants. Max came to the rescue, figuring out that the aliens could not survive warm temperatures.

出場片段 "Out In The Cold"
Isis - In Egyptian mythology, Isis is the goddess of magic and life. Apparently, all of the Egyptian gods departed this world when the last Pharoah died, but Isis was left behind somehow. After dwelling among humans for a few thousand years, she could see only their depravity and injustice towards one another. Posing as the director of the Cairo Museum of Antiquities, she plotted to awaken her husband, Osiris, so that he could destroy humanity and restore her to her former glory. She allowed the ring of Osiris to circulate the world in the hopes that the Mighty One would find it and show up. He did.

出場片段 "The Mommy's Hand"
Kali - The Hindu Goddess of chaos and destruction, Kali found herself under the control of Naja - a cobra-like demon from Hindu mythology. Each Hindu god or goddess has a statue associated with them, and he who controls the statues controls the deities themselves. Naja gathered the pieces of Kali's statue and then commanded her to perform her Dance of Destruction. The Mighty One stopped her from destroying the city by summoning the power of Shiva - Kali's counterpart and husband. Using the Flame of Shiva, Max was able to counter Naja's control and return Kali's will to her own.

出場片段 "Good Golly Ms. Kali"
Lava Beasts - Originally servants of Lava Lord, these creatures of molten rock became SkullMaster's slaves after he sealed their king in solid rock. After Max destroyed the Crystal of Souls, Lava Lord broke free from his prison and returned to lead the lava beasts against SkullMaster and his minions. They have made several appearances throughout the show - SkullMaster even sent one after Max in the first episode.

出場片段 "A Bellwether In One's Cap", "The Maxnificent Seven", "Pandora's Box, Part 1", "Pandora's Box, Part 2", "I, Warmonger", "Armageddon Closer, Part 1 ", "Armageddon Outta Here, Part 2"
Lava Lord - Originally lord of the underworld where SkullMaster was exiled, Lava Lord was sealed in solid rock by SkullMaster after the two battled for dominance. He was then freed when Max and crew destroyed the Crystal of Souls. Using his loyal Lava Beasts and Magnus - his lava-powered war machine - Lava Lord then made a bid for power again, plunging the underworld into chaos. Max later enlisted his help when attempting to stop SkullMaster from resetting time, even though Lava Lord has no love for the Mighty One, either.

出場片段 "Pandora's Box, Part 1", "Pandora's Box, Part 2", "Armageddon Outta Here, Part 2"
Lao Chu - In Chinese mythology, Lao Chu is the Emperor of Rats, who long ago was imprisoned in a large chunk of jade - now referred to as the "Heart of Lao Chu". A Chinese historian, Ki Wan, accidentally freed Lao Chu by touching the heart and giving Chu power over his physical form. Lao Chu planned to take over the world with his army of rats, but he was stopped by the combined forces of the Mighty One and Ki Wan's spirit. The Heart was shattered and Lao Chu believed dead, but his loyal rats gathered the pieces before scampering off into the darkness, so the Emperor's actual fate is still unknown.

出場片段 "The Year of the Rat"
Lockyar - The Norse demon of violence, Lockyar was summoned by an army who wished to conquer a village led by Norman thousands of years ago. Even Lockyar could not defeat the future Guardian, however, and he was imprisoned - first under the sea and then later within an ancient tree. When the tree was cut down by a logging crew, Lockyar began searching for the key which would unlock his chains and allow him to roam free. He eventually buried himself under a mountain while screaming in rage at Max and crew.

出場片段 "The Axeman Cometh"
Mummies - During their brief encounter with Anubis (while trying to stop Isis), Max and crew found themselves in the process of being mummified. When they tried to excuse themselves from the process, an angered Anubis brought several mummies out of the ground. The bandaged corpses then proceeded to chase Max, Norman, and Virgil through the caves back to the surface. As our heroes crawled from the fissure that led to the surface, it sealed behind them, trapping the mummies underground with their master.

出場片段 "The Mommy's Hand"
Mu To - According to Virgil, Mu To was a demon in Chinese mythology who served the God of the Dead. This statue of Mu To came alive and pursued Max and crew through Lao Chu's maze. Even Norman was unable to harm the statue, and it was eventually sealed within a corridor of the maze.

出場片段 "The Year of the Rat"
Nahmo - Tribal legend of the Dogon tribe of Africa held that aliens from Sirius B who once visited them would return and elevate the Dogons to a state of, well, elevation. Every fifty years, when Sirius was closest to Earth, the tribe would hold a ritual asking the aliens to return. Finally, after years of waiting, the aliens returned, granting the Dogon shaman, Nahmo, superhuman abilities. The jubilant shaman then became the aliens' chief enforcer, and he promptly began helping them steal the "ultimate source of power" from Earth's power plants. This, of course, put him at odds with the Mighty One.

出場片段 "Sirius Trouble"
Naja - A lower demon in Hindu mythology, Naja was awakened by a cult member who wished a reward for freeing the demon. Instead, Naja killed the cultist and began gathering the pieces of a statue which would allow him to awaken and control Kali - the Hindu goddess of chaos and destruction. Max and crew attempted to gather the pieces before him, but were ultimately unsuccessful. In order to stop a rampaging Kali, Max unlocked the power of Shiva, Kali's husband and counterpart. Once free, the angry Kali buried the fleeing Naja under rubble, ending his threat once and for all.

出場片段 "Good Golly Ms. Kali"
Nemo - The grandson of the original Captain Nemo, the younger Nemo was physically identical to his infamous namesake. He led the band of pirates that stole the Nautilus from Jules Verne, and planned to use the submarine in an effort to recapture his family's former glory. He accused Verne of stealing the plans for the Nautilus from his grandfather and then slandering the captain in the book "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea". Verne denied these accusations, and was able to help Max stop Nemo and his pirates.

出場片段 "Around The World In Eighty Arms"
The One With No Name - The former operator of a garbage dump outside the Eastern European town of Schleppeg, this man created a chemical compound that absorbs material, and then is attracted to similar materials. His ultimate masterpiece was a monstrosity called Korbus, a hulking humanoid blob that absorbed people. His activities attracted Max and crew, however, who quickly put an end to his efforts. The poor wretch ended up in prison, and we never did learn his name.

出場片段 "The Missing Linked"
Pirates - This band of scalawags and thugs were gathered together by Nemo in his attempt to recapture the glory of the Nemo family name. They assisted him in stealing the Nautilus from Jules Verne and then using it to terrorize shipping lanes. Although not too bright and dressed like something from a Disney theme park ride, the pirates were no less deadly - especially since they were armed with modern weaponry and large numbers. Norman rather enjoyed himself thinning those numbers, however.

出場片段 "Around The World In Eighty Arms"
Professor MacDougal - This Scottish professor was secretly using her lab to process the essence of werewolves, creating a potion which allowed her to change into a large three-headed werewolf. She believed this would allow her to become immortal like werewolves, but her murderous tenure as "The Monster of Dunneglen" was short-lived.

出場片段 "Werewolves of Dunneglen"
RavenDark - The last of the Viking sorcerors, RavenDark was a withered old man imprisoned within the cave of the Dragon of Doom. Due to a curse, if he left the mouth of the cave, he assumed the form of a raven - a hated bird in Norse mythology. SkullMaster assumed the mantle of Loki, Norse god of trickery, and convinced RavenDark to awaken the dragon. When Max proved to him that "Loki" was a fake, the sorceror gave his life to put the dragon back to sleep, thus gaining his revenge on SkullMaster.

出場片段 "Let Sleeping Dragons Lie!"
Robert Scorpio - Dr. Robert Scorpio entered an underground bomb shelter during the late 1960's, intent on surviving the "inevitable" nuclear holocaust of the time. Instead, due to the location of his bomb shelter - former nuclear testing grounds in the Nevada desert - Scorpio gradually became resistant and even dependent on radiation. Unable to leave his irradiated environment after forty years, Scorpio decided he would just irradiate the whole world.

出場片段 "Scorpio Rising"
Sabertooth - This large prehistoric cat was doused with radiation from a meteorite millions of years ago. Along with a caveman named Gor, the cat found itself possessing immortality and super-strength. The two were caught in a cave-in while fighting and were released in modern times. Max and crew chased the cat down with the assistance of Gor, and the caveman was able to throw both himself and Sabertooth into the Labrea tar pits.

出場片段 "Tar Wars"
SkullMaster - The archnemesis of the Mighty One and the main villain of the series, SkullMaster is an ancient warrior-sorceror whose lust for power has driven him to destroy at least two civilizations - the Lemurians and the Atlanteans. He destroyed the Lemurians out of wrath when they wouldn't give him the secrets of the key, and he used the souls of Atlantis to power his Crystal of Souls. At some point, he was imprisoned deep within the earth, where he sealed the reigning king, Lava Lord, into solid rock and took control of his minions. During the second season, SkullMaster was free to roam the earth and proceeded to cause all kinds of trouble.

出場片段 "A Bellwether In One's Cap", "Let Sleeping Dragons Lie!", "Bring Me The Head Of Mighty Max", "The Maxnificent Seven", "Pandora's Box, Part 1", "Pandora's Box, Part 2", "Blood of the Dragon", "I, Warmonger", "Armageddon Closer, Part 1 ", "Armageddon Outta Here, Part 2"
Soulless Ones - These underwater zombies were actually the bodies of the Atlanteans - a once proud civilization brought to its knees by SkullMaster. With their souls imprisoned in SkullMaster's Crystal of Souls, the former citizens of Atlantis found themselves compelled to do his bidding - namely, to hunt down Mighty Max. Max later freed these poor creatures when he destroyed the Crystal of Souls.

出場片段 "Bring Me The Head Of Mighty Max"
Spike - Norman's archnemesis, Spike is the warrior who killed Norman's father when the future Guardian was only a boy. After his father's death, Norman blamed himself and vowed to become the greatest warrior ever, swearing he would somehow defeat the immortal Spike. Originally imprisoned in ice by a vengeful Norman, Spike was released ten thousand years later by an archaeological dig. He immediately set out after Norman, who, with the help of Mighty Max, was finally able to defeat him using his father's war-axe.

出場片段 "Norman's Conquest"
Talon - An immortal creature composed of a giant skull and eagle, Talon roams the astral plane and feeds off the souls of the living. Having waited millenia for freedom, Talon stole the cap when Max found himself on the astral plane. The apparition then used the cap to enter the real world and proceeded to consume the souls of Manhattan. During battle with Max and crew, one of Talon's eyes were shattered - releasing the souls trapped within - and he was then tricked into re-entering the astral plane. He has remained trapped there since.

出場片段 "The Souls of Talon"
Torak the Torturer - A monstrous hulk of a man who dwelled in the dungeons and caverns beneath a Turkish prison. Believed to be one of Odysseus' men and now a servant of the Cyclops, Torak was known to steal prisoners from their cells and feed them to the Cyclops. He was defeated by Norman when he tried to steal the Guardian and Max from their cell. They then followed him to his lair and Norman proceeded to do what he does best. It's believed that both Torak and the Cyclops were consumed by fire.

出場片段 "Day of the Cyclops"
Vampire Larvae - When Max and crew began investigating a series of vampire attacks in London, they discovered far more than they planned. They met the vampire, Countess Moska, but found that vampires are related to insects, not bats, and none of the usual anti-vampire tricks work. Furthermore, they discovered that Moska was guardian over a whole brood of vampire larva. These larva, when commanded by Moska, could work together as a single entity, swarming over the Mighty One and friends. They apparently don't like fire too well, though...

出場片段 "Fly By Night"
Venom - This ancient Egyptian mummy was the leader of the Cult of Apophis in Egypt. He crossed the Capbearer after Max stole an amulet from the cult's temple. The cult then stole the target of Max's affection - Jiffie - and attempted to sacrifice her so that Venom could continue his immortal life. When Max interrupted the ritual and took Jiffie back, Venom was not a happy camper. He pursued Max, Bea, and Jiffie while riding a giant cobra, but perished when the cobra exploded, courtesy of Max.

出場片段 "Snakes and Laddies"
Warmonger - Warmonger is SkullMaster's right-hand man, so to speak. The dim-witted Warmonger usually finds himself doing SkullMaster's dirty work, but also enjoys the positions of relative power this gives him over other henchmen (hench-creatures?). Cruel and sadistic, Warmonger briefly showed ambition when he tried to kill SkullMaster. Believing himself successful, the short little demon then found himself at a loss as to what to do with his newfound power and position. The death of SkullMaster proved to be a ruse, however, and the master was proud of his pupil for showing such deviousness.

出場片段 "A Bellwether In One's Cap", "The Maxnificent Seven", "Pandora's Box, Part 1", "Pandora's Box, Part 2", "Blood of the Dragon", "I, Warmonger", "Armageddon Closer, Part 1 ", "Armageddon Outta Here, Part 2"
Zomboid - A large multi-tentacled slug-like creature, the methane-filled zomboid was living in a cave deep below an African temple. When Max's mom brought home an African statue from Haiti, she accidentally carried the "zomboid plague" to America. The plague was spread by small parasites which attach themselves to people's necks. Thanks to Virgil, Max and crew located the "mother zomboid" in Africa and killed it by igniting its own gases (yuck).

出場片段 "The Mother Of All Adventures"
Zomboid Parasites -When Max's mom brought home an African statue from Haiti, she accidentally carried the "zomboid plague" to America. The plague was spread by these small slug-like parasites which attach themselves to people's necks. Thanks to Virgil, Max and crew located the methane-filled "mother zomboid" in Africa and killed it by igniting its own gases (yuck).

出場片段 "The Mother Of All Adventures"




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