Beowulf - One of the four heroes Max recruited to help him destroy the Crystal of Souls, Beowulf was found working as a professional wrestler in Stockholm, Sweden. Feeling old and useless, the once-mighty Beowulf had lost his fighting spirit and didn't even make a very good wrestler. Max reminded him of his past exploits, however, and made him realize that he is still needed. The powerful warrior, now rejuvenated by the Mighty One, again donned his helmet and armor for one last quest.

出場片段 "The Maxnificent Seven"
Cameron - When Max found himself investigating murders in Scotland, the clues all pointed to a werewolf. Max found one in the form of Cameron, a middle-aged Scottish man who seemed to know Max's true identity as the Capbearer. When Max found out that the culprit was really Professor MacDougal, he enlisted Cameron's help in defeating her. In exchange, Max helped Cameron free his werewolf clanmates from the Professor's lab.

出場片段 "Werewolves of Dunneglen"
Ernie - Max found himself in a predicament when the only way to stop an invasion of brain-sucking aliens was to reprogram their invasion program. Since Max didn't pay attention in computer class, he found himself asking the local "computer nerd" for help. The often annoying Ernie was reluctant to help, but soon found himself having an adventure he had only dreamed of...

出場片段 "The Brainsuckers Cometh!"
Gadge - Known as "Gadge" to his friends, the youth named Gregory Harper exhibited extraordinary telekinetic abilities which attracted the attention of Dr. Zygote. Zygote kidnapped the young man and attempted to extract his DNA in order to further his own experiments. The process was interrupted by the appearance of Max and crew, but the true hero of the day was Gadge, who was able to distract Zygote with his abilities and then save Virgil, evolving Zygote into a ball of pure light in the process.

出場片段 "Zygote Music"
Gor - Along with a sabertooth cat, this caveman was doused with radiation from a meteorite millions of years ago - radiation which granted him immortality and superhuman strength. Awakened in modern times, Gor found himself helping Max and party hunt down and subdue the immortal cat after it was released by construction near the Labrea tar pits. Gor threw himself into the tar pits along with the cat - forever locking the two in an eternal struggle.

出場片段 "Tar Wars"
Hannuman - One of the four heroes Max recruited to help him destroy the Crystal of Souls, the "monkey king" was discovered lounging around in a zoo - enjoying the pampered life of a zoo monkey. Hannuman initially refused to help Max, stating that his hero days were over. After several rounds of useless arguing, Hannuman was tied up and brought along anyway. After seeing the heroism of the people surrounding him, Hannuman agreed to help Max, and even gave his life so that Max could destroy the crystal.

出場片段 "The Maxnificent Seven"
Mujaji - One of the four heroes Max recruited to help him destroy the Crystal of Souls, Mujaji was an old friend of Norman's (and possibly more). She was working as a park ranger in Kenya's National Preserve and proved her worth to Max by wrestling down an angry rhino before convincing it to leave peaceably. She and Norman had worked together before, and Max commented that the pair made a pretty good team. Norman was devastated when Mujaji sacrificed herself so that Max and the Guardian could escape.

出場片段 "The Maxnificent Seven"
J. Oliver Penderoil - Known as "Ollie" to his friends, this Texas oil tycoon had made a fortune from his oil company. He came investigating in his own personal submarine when several of his oil tankers were sunk in the middle of the ocean. It was there that he met Max and discovered an underwater civilization of "squidheads" and a giant squid. Initially blaming the squidheads for his sunk tankers, the billionaire revealed himself to be cowardly - a fact he wanted to keep under wraps even though he helped Max blow up the squid in the end.

出場片段 "Less Than 20,000 Squid Heads Under The Sea"
Jules Verne - This famous author and scientist, having slept in a cryogenic chamber for years, found himself facing Nemo - the grandson of the pirate captain made infamous in his book "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea". The younger Nemo had stolen the Nautilus, claiming the multi-tentacled submarine as his family's own, and planned to use it to dominate the shipping lanes and recapture the former glory of his family's name. Fortunately for Verne, Max and crew were around to save the day. Especially Virgil.

出場片段 "Around The World In Eighty Arms"
Ki Wan - Ki Wan was a Chinese historian researching the legend of Lao Chu - the Emperor of Rats. He found an ancient puzzle box which held the key to finding the heart of Lao Chu, a fist-sized chunk of rare red jade. By touching the heart, however, Ki unknowingly released the Rat Emperor. Lao Chu took over Ki's body, and the historian was imprisoned in spirit form within Chu's maze. When Max came along to stop Lao Chu's plan of a rat-dominated world, Ki helped him destroy the heart of Lao Chu, thus returning his spirit to his body.

出場片段 "The Year Of The Rat"
Osiris - The Egyptian god of the afterlife, Osiris was awakened from his five-thousand-year slumber by his wife, Isis. Isis had been left behind when the Egyptian gods departed this world, and five thousand years of living among humans had left her a bitter, hardened woman. She awoke Osiris in the hopes that he would destroy humanity, but instead he reminded her that the gods were there to serve and guide humanity, not the other way around. Reminded of her true self, Isis begged forgiveness of her husband as well as Max and crew, and then the husband and wife departed together.

出場片段 "The Mommy's Hand"
Sarah - When investigating the disappearance of townspeople of Schleppeg, a small town in Eastern Europe, Max found himself bewildered by the customs and behaviors of the area. Assistance came in the form of Sarah, a young girl whose brother Jacob was one of the people missing. The two learned that the disappearances were the work of Korbus, a large monster who absorbed people, and its master - The One With No Name.

出場片段 "The Missing Linked"
Squid-Heads - When investigating the disappearance of oil tankers in the remote ocean, Max and crew discovered an underwater civilization of small humanoid squid-like creatures - dubbed "squid-head dudes" by the Mighty One. Cowardly and timid, the squid-heads were kept in their underwater city by their terror of the giant squid which lurked outside. Encouraged by Max, the squid-heads overcame their fear and distracted the squid in order to save Max and allow him to blow up an oil tanker, making instant calamari out of the giant squid, and freeing the squid-heads from their imprisonment.

出場片段 "Less Than 20,000 Squid Heads Under The Sea"
Tamori - Unlike many of his fellow tribesmen on Dragon Isle, Tamori would not serve SkullMaster, despite being forced to drink the dragon's blood and changing into a humanoid lizard. He fled the island and was discovered by Max and crew in a circus, where the "lizard-boy" was now a prize attraction. The trio promptly freed Tamori and headed for his island, where they did their best to throw a wrench in SkullMaster's plans. Although they failed to stop SkullMaster, they were able to free several of Tamori's tribesmen - the others who refused to serve evil - and relocate them to another island.

出場片段 "Blood Of The Dragon"
Yona-Ya-Yin - One of the four heroes Max recruited to help him destroy the Crystal of Souls, Yona-Ya-Yin was a wise old Native American shaman and a master archer. Although not immortal like his fellow heroes, the old warrior wished to end his life much as he had lived it - with adventure. His wisdom and archery skills were instrumental in helping Max and company reach Skull Mountain in the underworld, and he died as he wanted - as a true hero.

出場片段 "The Maxnificent Seven"
Yuri - One of several Russian children who were turned into carnival freaks by "Freako the Clown". Unlike the other freaks, Yuri chose to help the Mighty One and crew. He was able to tell Max what was really going on by scrawling his story in the dirt. He then assisted Norman and Max in their attempts to free the other children. Afterwards, Yuri was restored to human form and was able to return to his family.

出場片段 "Clown Without Pity"




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